Study Guide

The Orange Houses Chapter 43

By Paul Griffin

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Chapter 43


  • Mik puts her new hearing aids in before going into the visitor's room—she wants to be able to hear everything clearly.
  • She goes in to see Fatima, giving her the book the kids made for her. Fatima loves it.
  • She thinks about what Jimmi said about making the most beautiful thing ever. She realizes now that he wasn't talking about the Statue of Liberty mural; he was talking about the friendship she and Fatima share.
  • Then Mik makes Fatima promise to come back someday.
  • Fatima gives Mik some earrings she made out of old gum wrappers—now Mik's ears can be beautiful.
  • The guard comes in and says it's time for Fatima to go.
  • As she leaves, she signs: hello, goodbye, I love you

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