Study Guide

The Orange Houses Chapter 45

By Paul Griffin

Chapter 45


  • Mik looks at what she and Fatima painted and notices people have already written graffiti all around it.
  • Then she goes to Fatima's place and takes the dolls she left behind. There is nothing else there.
  • Mik notices a new woman selling papers in Fatima's old spot.
  • The next day, Mik goes to the VA hospital, but Jimmi's not there. The guy who is in charge of volunteer programs asks if she'll take over Fatima's class, though, and Mik says she'd be happy to.
  • The next week at school, Gale asks Mik if she's heard from Fatima. Nope, the phones over there aren't the best, but Mik's sure Fatima will write really soon.
  • Gale asks her if she's okay, and Mik says she's better around him.
  • When she gets home, she hears her mom laughing for the first time in a long time.
  • Everything seems good.
  • Then they hear Jimmi blabbering outside about people and life. Mik's mom picks up the phone to call an ambulance, but Mik asks her mom if she will just listen to Jimmi.