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The Orange Houses Drugs and Alcohol

By Paul Griffin

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Drugs and Alcohol

Life is so tough for Jimmi in The Orange Houses that the normal coping mechanisms—friends and family—can't keep up. So where does he go for relief? Drugs and alcohol. They numb his pain… but they also disconnect him from his life. Jimmi eventually realizes that he has no friends or life to speak of, and he even gets to the point where he wonders if life is worth living. Still, though, he turns to drugs to soothe his pain, called back by their numbness even as he watches them destroy his life.

Questions About Drugs and Alcohol

  1. How do drugs and alcohol affect Jimmi's perception of life? What is different about him when he's not on drugs?
  2. Why does Jimmi refuse drugs at the hospital, but then go looking for a dealer? What is his fear about taking drugs?
  3. NaNa says only Jimmi can help himself at this point. Is this true? Do you think Fatima and Mik do enough to help Jimmi with his drug problem? 

Chew on This

Jimmi uses drugs to try to numb himself and escape his troubled life.

Even though Jimmi tries to get rid of his drug habit, he can't because he's depressed without the numbing that comes with the drugs. 

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