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The Orange Houses Friendship

By Paul Griffin

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In case you missed it, there's one big relationship in <em>The Orange Houses: </em>between Fatima and Mik. These two gal pals quickly become best friends, talking about family, love, war, freedom, and a whole lot of other heavy hitting topics. In fact, Mik even wants Fatima to accompany her to the doctor and talk about her hearing aid options, a topic Mik generally avoids discussing, even with her own mom. The friendship that these girls form runs deep, propping them up in hard times and staying with them even after they're torn apart. 

Questions About Friendship

  1. Is it better to have friends or fly solo in The Orange Houses? When do friends get people in trouble?
  2. How does Mik's friendship with Fatima differ from her friendship with Jimmi? Why does her mom hate her hanging out with Jimmi so much?
  3. Jimmi claims the Statue of Liberty mural is the most beautiful thing because of what it represents about Fatima and Mik's friendship. What do you think he means by this? Do you agree with him? 

Chew on This

Although friends are great to have around, they provide opportunities for pain and heartache for the characters in The Orange Houses.

The Statue of Liberty mural is special because it shows us just how close Fatima and Mik have become—their friendship is a source of freedom for each girl. 

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