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Orange Is the New Black Narrator Point of View

By Piper Kerman

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Narrator Point of View

First Person—Piper Kerman

This is Piper Kerman's story. It says right in the subtitle, "My Year in a Women's Prison," so it's not just a year, it's hers. And yes, she is from a different cultural and socio-economic background than the vast majority of her fellow inmates at Danbury. Kerman is educated, white, and has tons of amazing friends whom she can't stop talking about. As a result of all these things, her prison experience isn't half bad. There are foot rubs, birthday parties, and even cheesecake. It's like The Golden Girls go to prison.

Kerman's story has been criticized by saying, "her portrayal of the prisoners perpetuates [a] notion of glamour." Do you think Kerman glossed over the details, or was this her authentic experience, which is so much different from many others'?

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