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Guards and Other Officials in Orange Is the New Black

By Piper Kerman

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Guards and Other Officials

Respect Their Authori-tah

We learn even less about the prison guards than we do about the prisoners since the two groups aren't exactly chummy with one another. As Piper says, "It's hard to conceive of any relationship between two adults in America being less equal than that of prisoner and prison guard" (8.77). But here's what we do know.

  • Mr. Butorsky (Mr. Healy) has been at the Camp for ten years, and says, "there's nothing that goes on up there that I don't know about" (3.68). Allegedly he's "insane" (3.149) and will walk on the bed during count, but we never actually see that happen. But hey, "at least he does his paperwork" (3.103). He has a tendency to play favorites, nominating "northerners" (6.93) for the van-driver job, and hoping to get a snitch out of it.
  • He leaves for early retirement and is replaced by Mr. Finn who "hates paperwork" (7.29) but still likes Piper because she's pretty and white. Gay Pornstar (Pornstache) is a guard with a push broom moustache who yells at Larry during visitation for getting too handsy with Piper.
  • There's also Toricella, who lets Piper use the phone (if she pretends to cry), making him the book's closest equivalent to Caputo.
  • Mr. DeSimon, who is in charge of electric and lets Piper ride a lift is also really rude, calling her "Kermit" (11.36) and making crude sexual remarks. 
  • Officer Scott quits after being caught in a maybe-he-did-maybe-he-didn't relationship with a prisoner, which, if this didn't happen so often, would make him the inspiration for Daya and Bennett.
  • Finally, there is female Warden Kuma Deboo, who leaves to be a politician and is replaced by a man, W.S. Willingham, whom we never see in person. Welcome to the boys' club, Willingham.

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