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Larry in Orange Is the New Black

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Stand By Your (Wo)Man

Larry is Piper's boyfriend who stands by her the entire time she's in prison (unlike his television counterpart). When they meet in San Francisco, Larry is "always up for anything" (2.7), and Piper describes him as the "most reliable source of fun" (2.7). Is there a ribbon for that? She considers herself Larry's "best lesbian buddy" (2.8) until she kisses him and, well, that's that. They decide to move to New York and start a new life together.

This new life falls apart when Piper is indicted on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering. She's afraid Larry will go running the other direction when she tells him, but he doesn't; instead he says, "It will all work out. Because I love you" (2.11). And that may be all she needs to know. He likes her so much, he doesn't just put a ring on it—he puts seven, saying:

"There's seven of them, for every year we've been together." (2.66)

Way to raise the bar for the rest of us, dude. Even his parents, Carol and Lou, support Piper, though they're "different from [her] former-hippie parents" (2.68). Basically, the whole family is (are?) the most awesome people on the planet and Piper is grateful to have them in her life. They visit her all the time, and Larry even visits her while she's in Chicago and is ready to take her home the moment she's released. Piper's a lucky lady to have a man so loyal as Larry by her side… even when there are bars between them.

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