Study Guide

Orange Is the New Black Chapter 10

By Piper Kerman

Chapter 10

Schooling the OG

  • Piper has learned so much about prison cleaning, she might as well start Good Cellkeeping magazine.
  • When she's not cleaning, she's doing yoga with Yoga Janet to ease stress.
  • The GED program reopens. Piper doesn't take that job, but Miss Natalie succeeds in getting her GED.
  • Even though Piper isn't a teacher, she becomes a tutor, and all the women want her to help them study (no access to Shmoop in prison).
  • Mrs. Jones wrangles Piper into writing all her essays for her.
  • While Piper is helping Mrs. Jones plagiarize, the prison gets one last batch of newbs before shutting down.
  • See, Danbury is going to pretend to be closed (we guess they'll hide behind the furniture when someone rings the doorbell) so Martha Stewart doesn't get put thereā€”no one wants to deal with her.
  • One of the new inmates is a nun, Sister Platte, and another is Little Alice, who gets thrown in the SHU when she speaks out against the cruel head of education, Stumpy.
  • Finally, graduation day arrives. Thanks to Piper's help, Mrs. Jones graduates and even gets a graduation photo taken with Piper in the background.