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Orange Is the New Black Chapter 13

By Piper Kerman

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Chapter 13

Thirty-five and Still Alive

  • The prison bans cigarettes and has a shakedown looking for contraband.
  • Shortly after, there's the prison Job Fair. It pretty much plays out exactly like the one on the television show: ultimately a complete waste of time.
  • The whole Martha scandal is drawing a lot of attention to Danbury. People magazine calls them "the scum of the earth" (13.34), offending long-time reader Annette. 
  • Also, a Hartford Courant reporter speaks to an ex-prisoner who acts like Danbury was the Four Seasons.
  • Piper befriends Vanessa and enjoys watching Walking Tall, starring the Rock, whom Piper thinks will someday be president.
  • Seriously (13.55).
  • And then it's her birthday.
  • Pop gives her handmade slippers, and she gets tons of cards and letters and, most importantly, chocolate.

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