Study Guide

Orange Is the New Black Chapter 15

By Piper Kerman

Chapter 15

Some Kinda Way

  • A CO with PTSD goes nuts, tearing the dorm apart and scaring everyone. They never see him again. 
  • To make things worse, Piper gets news that her grandmother is ill, so even though she doesn't think she'll get furlough, she applies for it.
  • Being stuck in prison while her grandmother is dying is hard for her, and she's totally feeling "some kind of way" (15.24).
  • Translation: She feels terrible.
  • Piper tries prayer, talking, running a half marathon around the track, anything to get her mind off things—heck, she even scares another inmate who is annoying her.
  • There is some good news: Little Janet gets immediate release and goes home.
  • However, Piper gets caught out of bounds in A Dorm and gets ten extra hours of duty.
  • It works to help keep her mind off things, at least.
  • The day after Thanksgiving, while everyone is out shopping like an idiot, Piper's grandmother dies.
  • She tell us that a year later, she got a letter from Rosemarie, who found a couple pictures of Piper's grandmother that she'd left in prison and wanted to return them to her. How sweet.