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Orange Is the New Black Chapter 16

By Piper Kerman

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Chapter 16

Good Time

  • As Piper's release date is approaching, she gets a letter that she might be called as a witness for one of Nora drug buddies… in Chicago.
  • She attends pre-release classes and everything, but sure enough, gets called to Chicago—on Christmas Day, of all times. She watches the prison's screening of Elf to cheer herself up.
  • On December 27, Larry has an article published in the New York Times Modern Love column. 
  • New Year's Eve in prison is exciting because it's Pop's last in prison. She's getting out soon.
  • Piper is getting out of Danbury, too… she's told to pack up on January 3. Her ticket on Con Air is booked for January 5. Will Nic Cage be on the flight?

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