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Orange Is the New Black Chapter 2

By Piper Kerman

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Chapter 2

It All Changed in an Instant

  • In San Francisco, Piper gets a job at a television production company and works her way up the ladder.
  • Along the way, she meets Larry and falls in love with him: the first time she's loved someone with a Y-chromosome.
  • Eventually they move to New York together, where Piper continues working as a television producer.
  • Until U.S. Customs officers show up and serve her with an indictment for drug smuggling and money laundering, that is. We hate when that happens.
  • She tells Larry the whole story, and he doesn't run screaming the other direction. "It will all work out. Because I love you" (2.41), he says. Aw.
  • Piper tells her family, who also support her, and lawyers up, but eventually decides to plead guilty to avoid the maximum sentence.
  • Over five years pass before she goes to prison, because there's a chance that Britain might extradite Alaji, the drug kingpin in charge of the whole thing.
  • They don't, and Piper gets sentenced to fifteen months in federal prison.
  • Her friends throw a goodbye party for her. ("Make sure to send us a postcard! Oh wait… you can't.")

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