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Orange Is the New Black Chapter 4

By Piper Kerman

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Chapter 4

Orange is the New Black

  • It's time for prison orientation, which is a lot like college orientation, except everyone is wearing the same thing.
  • Piper then gets her official khaki uniform, some granny panties and bras, and some stylish (not) winter wear. 
  • For the first month, Piper is an A&O—"admissions and orientation status" (4.23)—which means she can't really do anything.
  • No job. No money. No phone privileges. 
  • Finally, the time comes where Larry can visit. One of their friends set up a website (it still exists).
  • They chat for the entire visitation, and then Piper has to go through the post-visit strip search.
  • Her mother comes the next day, and Piper feels bad for making her mom go through this.
  • On mail day, Piper gets tons of mail. Instead of being delivered by a studly UPS guy, it's delivered by a guard with a giant moustache whom Piper calls "Gay Pornstar" (4.60).
  • Piper gets tons of letters and books from her friends.
  • Over the next few days, she meets people like little Janet, who was also a drug mule, Yoga Janet, who does yoga, and Nina, who is Italian and makes her root beer float with commissary goods.
  • At lunch, Piper accidentally badmouths the food to Pop, the Russian woman who cooks it, but only gets a stern talking to (instead of a tampon in her sandwich.)
  • Basically, all Piper does is read, write letters, and get letters from her friends, one of whom sends her an article featuring women wearing orange, saying "orange was the new black" (4.99).

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