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Orange Is the New Black Chapter 8

By Piper Kerman

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Chapter 8

So B****es Can Hate

  • Even though the women on the block are talented fiber artists (one of them crochets a penis), Piper avoids that hobby. 
  • A new prisoner shows up: Morena, although Piper calls her Crazy Eyes. 
  • Crazy Eyes thinks that Piper is a "real woman" (8.24), and Piper tries to gently deflect her advances. 
  • One night, Piper makes cheese enchiladas in the microwave with Carlotta, whose fiancé, Rick, visited earlier that day.
  • She's excited to marry Rick "so b****es can hate" (8.50)—she wants to prove that she's something to all the women who "talk s***" (8.52) about her.
  • Spring arrives, and Piper is excited to get to walk around the track. Too bad there still aren't any radios at the commissary…
  • One day, Piper mentions this to Lionnel, a prisoner who works in the warehouse, and a radio shows up like magic. It all depends on who you know, yo. 
  • Gay Pornstar leaves and is replaced by Mr. Maple, who is cute (for a prison guard) and calls Piper by her first name, a shocking event which will lead to… nothing. It is never mentioned again.

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