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Orange Is the New Black Chapter 9

By Piper Kerman

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Chapter 9

Mothers and Daughters

  • It's everyone's favorite Hallmark holiday: Mother's Day. 
  • Everyone gets Mother's Day cards, because even if you're not a biological mother, you could be a prison mama. Pop is Piper's prison mom. 
  • One prisoner is about to become a real mom. It's not a happy occasion. The best thing about this is that she doesn't have to give birth while in shackles, like many prisoners do. (Maybe the baby will be dressed in a snazzy striped jumpsuit.)
  • Piper gets to visit her actual mom, too, who is always a ray of sunshine. 
  • One day, Piper uses her newfound electric skills to fix another prisoner's fan.
  • Big mistake. Now everyone wants her to fix everything. 
  • Days pass as Piper makes new prison friends, tries to ignore gossip, and tries to avoid fixing everything for people. 
  • She almost throws down with a woman at the salad bar, but Jae, a friend from work, breaks up the argument over iceberg lettuce.
  • Piper listens to the radio… Piper gets nicknamed "Dolphin" because of her tattoo… just another day in Danbury.

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