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Orange Is the New Black Sexuality

By Piper Kerman

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Some people seem to think that prisoners are like those frogs that change sex when in all-female situations. If women are all in prison together, well, it's only a matter of time before all the bunk beds are a-rockin'.

In Orange is the New Black, though, Piper shows us that prison isn't exactly like that. While sexuality can be fluid, most of the women in prison are looking for emotional support, not necessarily physical pleasure. And hey, those prison uniforms aren't exactly flattering.

Questions About Sexuality

  1. Why does Piper try to hide her sexuality from the other inmates?
  2. Why do prison officials repeatedly discourage sex among the inmates?
  3. Are you surprised (especially if you've seen the show) that there isn't that much sex going on in the prison dorms?

Chew on This

Most women in prison are just looking for any kind of human companionship and probably wouldn't identify themselves as lesbians.

Having a male fiancé who visits her so regularly helps Piper hide her past dalliances in lesbianism from her fellow inmates.

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