Study Guide

Archduchess Harriet/Archduke Harry in Orlando

By Virginia Woolf

Archduchess Harriet/Archduke Harry

Harry/Harriet is a Romanian Archduke with a serious crush on Orlando. Harry (it turns out to be just Harry) holds a deep, constant, and abiding love for our protagonist. This would be impressive if the Archduke wasn’t such a ridiculous figure. Let’s start with where he’s from: Finster-Aarhorn and Scand-op-Boom? Please. A little bit absurd. He also resembles a six foot tall hare, which is not appealing. Nor does Harry have much going on upstairs. He loses at Fly Loo over twenty times without realizing that Orlando is cheating. We feel obligated to tell you that many scholars argue that the Archduke Harry is a parody of the dashing nobleman character from your typical love story, but Archduke could also simply be a ridiculous figure.

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