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Orlando Characters

By Virginia Woolf

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Orlando is many things: poet, patron of the arts, ambassador, man, woman, and temporary coma...

Nick Greene

First spotted in Chapter Two standing in Orlando’s grand hallway looking a little lost and...


In a novel that's all about finding the right words for things, it's significant that the only...

Marmaduke Bonthrop Shelmerdine

We have a suspicion that, if Orlando were living today, she'd shop at REI. Or maybe she'd have a...

Archduchess Harriet/Archduke Harry

Harry/Harriet is a Romanian Archduke with a serious crush on Orlando. Harry (it turns out to be...

Captain Nicholas Benedict Bartolus

This is the ship captain who brings Orlando from Constantinople to England. He’s the first...


Orlando’s mother’s maid. Orlando spies a poet in her room during Chapter One.


Orlando’s gardener during Elizabethan times.

Lady Clorinda

Bachelorette #1 who didn’t interest Orlando because she was too sweet and good.

Lady Favilla

Bachelorette #2 who lost Orlando’s interest because she had her spaniel whipped.

Lady Euphrosyne

Bachelorette #3 who lost Orlando’s interest because…Princess Sasha showed up.

Mrs. Grimsditch

Orlando’s first and longtime housekeeper.

Mr. Dupper

Orlando’s chaplain. He first appears in Chapter Two and then resurfaces in Chapter Five.

Rustum el Sadi

The old gipsy man who houses Orlando after his (or her) sex change. He is the only gipsy whose...

Mr. Pope

In real life, Pope lived in the 18th century and has remained popular for his satirical poetry....


The prostitute that Orlando befriends after she is sick and tired of England’s greatest wits.

Widow Bartholomew

Orlando’s housekeeper during the Victorian era.


He is Orlando’s butler during the Victorian era.

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