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Our Mutual Friend Book 1, Part 4, Chapter 13

By Charles Dickens

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Book 1, Part 4, Chapter 13

Tracking the Bird of Prey

  • The inspector, Mortimer, and Eugene head into the local pub and pretend to talk about a sweetheart business deal. Eugene and Mortimer keep making their story more and more ridiculous, taking pride in how far they can take the joke.
  • As they talk, Mortimer and Eugene ask the inspector if they can be nearby and watch when the inspector arrests Gaffer. The man agrees, as long as Mortimer and Eugene don't spook Gaffer and let him get away.
  • They go to Hexam's house and Eugene peeks through the window. When he sees Lizzie with the firelight on her face, he can't help staring at her. After a good, long look, he goes back to Mortimer, who's hiding behind a nearby bank. Soon enough, they're hiding in a new place with the Inspector alongside them. There's still no sign of Gaffer, though.
  • Riderhood comes over to ask them what's up, and they say that there's no sign of Gaffer. Riderhood decides to head out in his boat to see if he can find Gaffer on the river. An hour later, he returns and says he's found Gaffer's boat, which is empty and drifting on the water.

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