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Our Mutual Friend Book 1, Part 5, Chapter 17

By Charles Dickens

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Book 1, Part 5, Chapter 17

A Dismal Swamp

  • As the months roll by, all kinds of people come out of the woodwork to visit the Boffins. They're rich now! All kinds of tradespeople want to work for them, fixing up their houses and doing their plumbing.
  • No one is more aware of the dangers of society than Mr. Rokesmith, who receives all of the Boffins' mail and realizes how much people are just looking to get some of the Boffins' money. Some people even want straight-up loans from Mr. Boffin.
  • The chapter (and Book 1 of Our Mutual Friend) ends with the image of Silas Wegg getting down on his stomach and peeping under the beds in Boffin's house. It seems like he's searching the whole place top to bottom, though we don't know what he's looking for.

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