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Our Mutual Friend Book 2, Part 10, Chapter 14

By Charles Dickens

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Book 2, Part 10, Chapter 14

Strong of Purpose

  • John Harmon/Rokesmith returns to his lodging at Mr. Wilfer's house and chats with Mr. Wilfer, who tells him all about Bella's plans to marry someone rich. It's almost as if the man wants to tell Rokesmith he has no chance with Bella.
  • After this chat, Betty Higden shows up and informs Rokesmith that she plans on running away from her young helper, Sloppy. She knows that Sloppy has a great opportunity to live with the Boffins and is rejecting it because of his loyalty to her. So Betty has decided to take herself out of the equation by disappearing.
  • The first thing the Boffins decide is to give Sloppy some education. So they get Rokesmith (Harmon) to send for Bradley Headstone. Headstone shows up and says he's happy to help. But when he learns that the family heard of him through Lightwood (a friend of Eugene Wrayburn), he can't help but mention how much he loathes Eugene.
  • After Bradley has had his say, he leaves. Miss Betty Higden is quick to follow, although her leaving is a bit more sentimental.

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