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Our Mutual Friend Book 2, Part 7, Chapter 4

By Charles Dickens

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Book 2, Part 7, Chapter 4

Cupid Prompted

  • The more time Mrs. Sophronia Lammle spends with young Miss Podsnap, the closer they become as friends. In the background, though, we also know that the Lammles are running on fumes financially and will not be able to keep their house much longer.
  • One day, Alfred Lammle decides to approach a young businessman in London named Mr. Fledgeby and to introduce him to Georgiana Podsnap. Georgiana is mortified at the idea of being set up with a guy like Fledgeby. The Lammles go ahead with the dinner anyway and it's super awkward.
  • Fledgeby and Georgiana won't even look at each other because they're so shy. So Mr. and Mrs. Lammle speak for them until it seems as though Fledgeby and Georgiana have gotten to know one another.
  • After the dinner, Sophronia says there's no way they'll get Fledgeby and Georgiana together. But Alfred says that once Fledgeby finds out how rich Georgiana's family is, he'll clamp onto the girl like a leech. How's that for romantic imagery?

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