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Our Mutual Friend Book 2, Part 7, Chapter 6

By Charles Dickens

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Book 2, Part 7, Chapter 6

A Riddle Without and Answer

  • Now we're back with the lawyers Mortimer Lightwood and Eugene Wrayburn. As they speak, Mortimer asks Eugene what's on his mind, since there's clearly something he's been thinking about. Eugene denies it, but we readers know that he's probably thinking about Lizzie Hexam.
  • Eugene and Mortimer hear two people outside. Eugene wanders over to the window and drops some dirt down on the people for fun (because he's kind of a jerk).
  • When the visitors come in, Eugene sees that they are Charley Hexam and Bradley Headstone. The two have come to tell Eugene to back away from Lizzie once and for all. Eugene acts all cool and says he'll do whatever he wants. Mr. Headstone just gets angrier and angrier, and Eugene revels in frustrating him.
  • When Headstone and Charley leave in a huff, Mortimer asks Eugene what he's up to with Lizzie Hexam. It sounds like Eugene wants to pursue Lizzie romantically (and probably have sex with her). But he has no plans of ever marrying her because she's too far beneath his social status. Mortimer thinks this is immoral, but Eugene brushes off his objections.

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