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Our Mutual Friend Book 2, Part 8, Chapter 7

By Charles Dickens

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Book 2, Part 8, Chapter 7

In Which a Friendly Move is Originated

  • Remember the arrangement between Mr. Boffin and Silas Wegg? You know, the one about how Wegg will read to Mr. Boffin and housesit for him? Well, now that you've had a refresher we're going to rejoin them and see what they're up to now.
  • Mr. Boffin ends up buying the old mansion that Wegg used to sit outside when he sold poems. Wegg is amazed to see how different it is on the inside than he always imagined.
  • One day, Wegg's buddy Mr. Venus comes to visit him. Wegg sits Venus down and makes him a proposition. He tells Venus that there must be riches inside the Boffins' old house somewhere, since Old Man Harmon was known as a miser and a hoarder.
  • But Wegg (with his peg leg and all) needs help searching the place. He promises to split whatever he finds with Mr. Venus. Venus accepts and the two of them get to work.

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