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Our Mutual Friend Book 3, Part 11, Chapter 3

By Charles Dickens

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Book 3, Part 11, Chapter 3

The Same Respected Friend in More Aspects than One

  • It takes a long time, but a doctor is able to revive Mr. Riderhood after he's been drowned in the river. Aw, man. We thought he was deader than a doornail.
  • A lot of men in the pub have been crying around Riderhood's body because, you know, death is really sad. But the moment Riderhood wakes up, everyone seems to remember what a huge jerk he is.
  • The first thing Riderhood says on waking is that he's going to sue the captain of the steamship and take him for every penny he's got. He's also cranky that no one thought to pick up his hat from the water after they'd found him. Now he's got to find a new hat. Worst…day…ever.

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