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Our Mutual Friend Book 3, Part 13, Chapter 10

By Charles Dickens

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Book 3, Part 13, Chapter 10

Scouts Out

  • Back in London, Mr. Eugene Wrayburn is visiting Jenny Wren and asking her to make him a doll's dress for his goddaughter. Jenny knows that he's just there to find out where Lizzie is, though.
  • Jenny Wren's drunken father comes into the house and hears Jenny talking with Eugene. But it isn't long before Jenny scolds him and tells him to go to his room.
  • Frustrated, Eugene heads back to the law office. He isn't there long before Jenny Wren's dad shows up behind him, stinking drunk.
  • The guy offers Eugene the directions to Lizzie's new address in exchange for fifteen shillings, which this guy wants to buy booze with.
  • After the guy leaves, Eugene lets Mortimer Lightwood in on the whole story of how he has made an enemy out of Bradley Headstone by constantly burning the guy with insults and zingers. Mortimer feels like Eugene might get some comeuppance one day, but Eugene is pretty confident he won't. He laughs at how Headstone has been following his every move day and night, probably because he thinks Eugene knows where Lizzie is.

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