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Our Mutual Friend Book 3, Part 13, Chapter 8

By Charles Dickens

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Book 3, Part 13, Chapter 8

The End of a Long Journey

  • Now it's time to look in on Betty Higden, who you might remember as the old woman who disappeared because she wanted her young companion, Sloppy (we can't not laugh when we hear that name), to have a better life with Mr. and Mrs. Boffin. Well, it looks like her journey has taken its toll on her and that she's pretty sickly.
  • As she travels, Betty gets weaker and weaker until there's hardly any strength left in her. She leans up against a tree near a mill and resigns herself to dying.
  • But it's not quite Betty's time yet. She's found by none other than (drumroll pleaseā€¦) Lizzie Hexam, who's been out of this book for quite a while now. Welcome back to the story, Lizzie.
  • Betty can't talk all that well, but Lizzie understands that Betty wants her to read the note in her pocket. After reading it, Lizzie promises to give it to the people mentioned in it.

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