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Our Mutual Friend Book 4, Part 19, Chapter 14

By Charles Dickens

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Book 4, Part 19, Chapter 14

Checkmate to the Friendly Move

  • John and Bella Harmon just so happen to take up their new house in London when the last dust mound is shipped out of Mr. Boffin's backyard. Silas Wegg decides that this is the time to make good on his threats and demand his money from Boffin. But the plan doesn't go as he thought it would.
  • Do you remember when Wegg first found Old Man Harmon's will? That same night, he looked outside and saw Mr. Boffin dig up an old glass bottle and run off with it? Well it turns out this bottle contained another will that's dated after the one Wegg has, and this will leaves everything to John Harmon, who is alive after all.
  • So here's the deal. Mr. Boffin tells Wegg that the jig is up and Wegg has nothing to threaten him with.
  • With all that said and done, the young man Sloppy takes Wegg by the collar and tosses him out of the house, straight into a garbage cart that's out in the street. So that's good riddance to ol' Mr. Wegg.

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