Study Guide

Out of the Dust Chapter 110

By Karen Hesse

Chapter 110


  • Teamwork makes the dream work, folks, and Louise and Billie Jo are not only getting to know each other, but learning to work together. One thing they do is help Daddy complete his education in the proper way to clean up after dinner—there are still some things he doesn't quite get, but luckily Louise really knows her way around a kitchen and can help finish up.
  • We also learn some more about Louise's background. She was Daddy's teacher in night school, and while she thought she was satisfied being single, meeting him made her realize how alone she was. She's multitalented, resourceful, and knows how to handle conflicts between Billie Jo and Daddy. Most important of all though, she respects Ma and the ways she still haunts the family's lives.
  • Maybe the news is a little late, but Daddy asked Louise to marry him on Thanksgiving, out at Ma and Franklin's grave. Billie Jo is at peace with this and even wants it for Daddy.