Study Guide

Outlander Chapter 21

By Diana Gabaldon

Chapter 21

Une Mauvais Quart d'Heure After Another

  • At Fort William, Randall and Claire engage in some more verbal sparring.
  • Claire throws him off balance when she mentions the Duke of Sandringham, alluding that she's a spy for him… the same man Randall is an agent of. 
  • Randall ties Claire's hands behind her back and cuts off her dress.
  • He presses his crotch against her and tells her to scream… but Claire realizes that Randall can only get aroused if she does scream. He's impotent if she doesn't. She remains silent.
  • Suddenly, Jamie appears in the window with a pistol. 
  • Randall presses a knife to Claire's throat and orders him to drop the pistol, which he does. Randall picks it up and decides to go back to feeling up Claire.
  • Jamie launches himself at Randall, who pulls the gun's trigger. Click… It's empty.
  • Jamie grabs Claire and they make a break for it.
  • Once they're safe, they get into a huge argument. Jamie is mad that Claire didn't obey him, while Claire is mad that Jamie didn't protect her that day by the river.
  • After a lot of yelling, they manage to forgive each other… but not to forget.