Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 96

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 96


  • As planned, Pamela and Mr. B went to Bedfordshire on Thursday, bringing Abraham, Monsieur Colbrand, and Thomas with them.
  • When they said their goodbyes to Lady Davers, she announced plans to show Pamela's papers to Lady Betty.
  • Gee, why not just publish Pamela's letters? Oh, wait . . .
  • Pamela's return to the Bedfordshire house stirred up a lot of emotions for her. First, she had a joyful reunion with Mrs. Jervis.
  • Then, as she moved through the house, remembering all the trials she had endured in each place, Pamela kneeled and praised God for enabling her to escape.
  • Then she had an ecstatic reunion with Mr. Longman and Jonathan.
  • Also, she asked about John Arnold, the one servant who hadn't been rehired after being sacked on Pamela's account. After Mr. Longman gave a pretty pitiful account of John Arnold's remorse, Mr. B gave Pamela permission to rehire him.
  • They then called for John Arnold (who apparently had taken to hanging out in the house, despite no longer being employed there) to tell him. Naturally, he was thrilled.
  • Then, Pamela and Mr. B gave various gifts (of money and other items) to the servants, which were universally met with appreciation and joy.
  • Okay, seriously this is getting kind of boring, with the universal admiration and praise. Right? Just us?
  • Afterward, Pamela prayed there, while Mr. B spied on her through a crack in the door.
  • So, still keeping it creepy.
  • Finally, Mr. B gave Pamela a bunch of his mother's stuff.