Study Guide

Paper Towns Part 1, Chapter 6

By John Green

Part 1, Chapter 6

  • Quentin and Margo (Roth Spiegelman, in case you forgot) head to downtown Orlando to climb the SunTrust building.
  • For some reason, Margo knows the security guard, Gus, and he lets them in.
  • At the top, Quentin marvels at Orlando from so high up: "It's more impressive […] from a distance" (6.30).
  • Margo agrees, saying "Everything's uglier close up" (1.6.31). Yeah, everything's, like, a total Monet.
  • Ms. Roth Spiegelman rambles on about paper towns and stuff. Check out our "What's Up With the Title?" page for the deets on this speech.
  • Quentin is worried that Margo is being so cynical, so he offers her a seat at his lunch table tomorrow, even though he knows she isn't going to take it.