Study Guide

Paper Towns Part 2, Chapter 10

By John Green

Part 2, Chapter 10

  • Quentin calls the cop investigating Margo's disappearance and says he's worried that she killed herself.
  • He tells Quentin to stop worrying about her and let her come home if she wants.
  • Quentin says, "I hung up with a bad taste in my mouth" (2.10.11). He must have had Olive Garden for dinner.
  • Quentin decides to research paper towns online, and finds out that the term is another phrase for a pseudovision, a neighborhood abandoned before construction is complete.
  • He still thinks she's dead, but that she wants Quentin to find her body in a pseudovision, because what better place to die.
  • Ben thinks Quentin is being morbid, and tells him that Margo Roth Spiegelman isn't dead, she's a "drama queen" (2.10.32).
  • Quentin is offended. She might be a maybe-dead drama queen, but she's his maybe-dead drama queen.
  • Despite arguing with Quentin, Ben agrees to let him borrow the car to go hunting pseudovisions for dead bodies.
  • Quentin searches Grovepoint Acres and Holly Meadows, but doesn't find a thing. Not even Walt Whitman's grave.