Study Guide

Paper Towns Part 2, Chapter 16

By John Green

Part 2, Chapter 16

  • Quentin and Lacey Pemberton talk about Margo Roth Spiegelman, and she agrees to go with Quentin, Radar, and Ben to check out the mini-mall again.
  • While they're snooping around, a group of people in masks show up.
  • One of them turns out to be Gus, the SunTrust security guard, with his friend Ace.
  • They say they liked doing "urban exploring" (2.16.48) and sometimes Margo would tag along.
  • But she wasn't big on the exploring part. She wanted to stay in the grungy places they went through, like this one, and write in her notebook.
  • Lacey asks them why they didn't consider that Margo might be depressed, and one of the guys says "somebody calm that b**** down" (2.16.54), which makes Ben mad, and he tries to punch the guy.
  • Now that that's over, Radar notices the pinholes in the wall near Margo's bedroll, and he wonders what had been tacked up there.
  • Lacey mentions that she'd seen Margo Roth Spiegelman's notebook before (Margo Roth Moleskiegelman) and they wonder what happened to it.
  • Looking around one more time, Quentin notices brochures for more pseudovisions, and makes a note to check them out.