Study Guide

Paper Towns Part 2, Chapter 17

By John Green

Part 2, Chapter 17

  • Quentin takes the minivan and drives out to one of the pseudovisions, Collier Acres.
  • Nothing.
  • He checks out Logan Pines.
  • Nothing.
  • Ben calls and says there's going to be a party at Radar's house because his parents are leaving town.
  • Quentin drives over and helps Radar put away all the black Santas.
  • After the party, where the guys decide to walk at graduation with nothing on under their robes, Quentin returns home to ponder the Margo Roth Spiegelman case.
  • He can't figure it out, so he gets mad and tears all his maps off the wall… then he notices the pattern of pinholes they leave behind on the wall. That's what Margo had pinned up: a map.