Study Guide

Paper Towns Part 2, Chapter 4

By John Green

Part 2, Chapter 4

  • Quentin and the gang wait until the Roth Spiegelmans leave, and they head next door to beg Ruthie Roth Spiegelman, the youngest Roth Spiegelman, to let them into the Roth Spiegelman estate.
  • They bribe her with a hot Lincoln and she lets them in.
  • They're surprised to discover that Margo has an extensive record collection.
  • Quentin finds a Billy Bragg album with the same picture of Woody Guthrie on the back that's on Margo's window shade.
  • On it, someone circled the song "Walt Whitman's Niece."
  • Quentin thinks this is a clue, so he sniffs out her copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and takes it home with him.
  • He spends the entire weekend leafing through Leaves, trying to analyze the passages Margo has highlighted.