Study Guide

Paper Towns Part 3, Chapter 4

By John Green

Part 3, Chapter 4

Hour Four

  • In Georgia, Lacey asks "Are we there yet?" (3.4.1), and Quentin drives seventy-seven in a 70 mph zone.
  • It'll be time to stop for gas soon, so they make a plan:
    • Lacey makes a grocery list
    • Radar will start the fill-up, then run inside to give Lacey the gas card
    • Ben goes to pee (again) then get everything on his part of the list
    • Quentin gets everything on his list, most importantly shirts, since Ben and Radar are still wearing their grad robes
    • Lacey signs the receipt and they run back to the car.
  • They have six minutes to do all this.
  • When they roll into the BP, the plan goes off without a hitch.
  • They all jump back into the van and Radar drives away.