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Paradise Lost Pride

By John Milton

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Ah yes pride. Doesn't it seem like we're always talking about pride? Satan is the exemplar of pride par excellence. In Paradise Lost, he is too proud to accept God's Son as the boss in Heaven; he thinks he's being hampered by the chains of tyranny. Adam and Eve too, although they don't express the same sentiments as Satan, feel as though they're entitled to the Forbidden Fruit, even though God has expressly forbidden them to eat it.

Questions About Pride

  1. Why does it seem like we're always talking about pride? Is it some kind of primal human problem?
  2. When is pride a good thing and when is it a bad thing?
  3. What other famous characters and/or people are (in)famous for their pride?
  4. How proud are Adam and Eve when they sin…really?

Chew on This

After she the eats the fruit, Eve feels intoxicated and as if she could do anything; in some ways, she's like Satan, if only because she can't accept the limitations God has placed on her.

Even though Satan can be awfully convincing, he doesn't realize that one can submit to God, or any other ruler, while still retaining a sense of pride.

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