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Ronny Heaslop in A Passage to India

By E.M. Forster

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Ronny Heaslop

Ronny Heaslop, the City Magistrate, is, let's face it, a suck-up. Take Martin from the Simpsons, give him a British accent and broad judicial powers over Indians, and voilá, you get Ronny Heaslop. Ronny is so eager to fit in at the club, so eager to impress his superiors, so eager to get ahead, that he turns into a parody of an English administrator. This posturing is transparent to his mother and Adela. Knowing Ronny in his younger, more intellectual days, people who are closest to him instantly perceive that the views he expresses aren't his own, but pat clichés he's picked up from his superiors. It doesn't help that during the trial, he's really not concerned for Adela's well-being. He seems more interested in the fact that Adela's trial will bring him some great publicity as the sympathetic fiancé of a wounded Englishwoman.

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