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A Passage to India Part 1, Chapter 3

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Part 1, Chapter 3

  • When Mrs. Moore arrives, the club is wrapping up its production of Cousin Kate. Adela Quested, who may or may not be engaged to Ronny, Mrs. Moore's son, is in the process of telling everyone at the club that she wants to see the "real India" (1.3.14).
  • The others think Adela is ridiculous. The Englishwomen are condescending and frankly racist about the "natives." ("Why the kindest thing one can do to a native is to let him die," says one character [1.3.26].)
  • The Englishmen don't seem quite as racist, but still remain cynical. Mr. Turton, who, as Collector, is the chief colonial administrator in the town, announces that he will throw a Bridge Party so that Adela can meet Indians.
  • On the way home, Mrs. Moore tells Ronny and Adela that she has met Aziz. Adela is delighted, but Ronny is angered by what he views as Aziz's impertinence.
  • Ronny warns his mother to be careful with educated Indians such as Aziz, who may harbor rebellious sentiments.
  • Mrs. Moore dismisses Ronny, and grows even more annoyed at the way that Ronny sounds increasingly like any bureaucrat.
  • Mrs. Moore withdraws to go to bed. She goes to hang up her cloak, but she finds a wasp lying on her clothes peg. She decides to leave it alone.

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