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A Passage to India Part 1, Chapter 6

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Part 1, Chapter 6

  • The story shifts to Aziz who, after his meeting with Mrs. Moore, goes back to his rounds at the hospital.
  • Major Callendar chews Aziz out for not coming soon enough when he called him, and refuses to hear Aziz's explanation. Aziz is amused at Callendar's refusal to understand.
  • Aziz hears about the Bridge Party, and decides to go. But on the day of the party, he decides he can't.
  • The party happens to fall on the anniversary of his wife's death. Even though he agreed to hitch a ride with Dr. Panna Lal, he neglects to let Lal know that he doesn't need the ride after all.
  • Aziz heads out to mail a telegram to his children. When he returns, he finds that Lal showed up, waited, and left.
  • Aziz pulls out a picture of his wife. He thinks some melancholy thoughts about death. Then he notices some hospital casework, and his mood improves.
  • Aziz checks in on Hamidullah after tea, but Hamidullah is also out at the Bridge Party. He borrows Hamidullah's pony, and goes for a ride on the maidan.
  • He plays polo with a British soldier. For a brief while, they forget their differences and are just two guys batting a ball around. They leave on friendly terms.
  • As Aziz leaves the maidan, he sees a few Muslims praying. A Brahminy bull, a sacred animal to the Hindus, saunters by, and Aziz gives it a tap with his polo stick.
  • He hears a voice from the road – it's Lal, his erstwhile ride to the Bridge Party. After Lal chastises him for not going to the party, Aziz heads home. He's pleased to find an invitation to a tea party from Mr. Fielding.

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