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A Passage to India Part 2, Chapter 13

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Part 2, Chapter 13

  • Out of the blue, some time after Fielding's tea party, Adela comments to Miss Derek that she wished Aziz remembered that he'd invited them to see the Marabar Caves.
  • By the time her comment gets to Aziz through the town rumor mill, it's turned into a comment about how offended she is.
  • Aziz promptly begins preparations and send them an invitation, even though at this point no one really wants to go. Ronny gives his assent to the trip as long as Fielding accompanies them.
  • On the morning of the picnic, Aziz, along with his servants and Mohammed Latif, waits for his guests at the train station.
  • Adela and Mrs. Moore arrive first. The women ask Aziz to dismiss their servant, who Adela especially doesn't like, so he does so.
  • After Aziz makes sure the women are settled in the purdah (or women's) carriage, the train starts.
  • Aziz sees Godbole and Fielding stuck at the train crossing, and Fielding is unable to catch the train. Dismayed, Aziz is comforted by Mrs. Moore and goes back to his seat.

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