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A Passage to India Part 2, Chapter 16

By E.M. Forster

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Part 2, Chapter 16

  • In his cave, Aziz lights a cigarette and smokes for a minute, trying to think of something polite to say to Adela.
  • Leaving his cave, he doesn't see Adela anywhere, but he does hear a car driving along the road below the hills. He asks the guide where Adela is, and the guide makes some vague gesture toward the caves.
  • Aziz and the guide go through the caves looking for Adela, but they can't find her. Aziz walks over to the guide and slaps him. The guide runs away.
  • Then Aziz notices that Adela isn't lost – she's joined the people in the car. Aziz doesn't think anything of it. He just thinks that Adela is acting impulsively.
  • Aziz notices Adela's field glasses in the entryway of one of the caves. He tries to hang it over his shoulder, but the strap is broken.
  • Aziz heads back to the camp where Mrs. Moore is resting, and sees that Fielding has arrived at the camp. Fielding explains that Miss Derek had given him a ride when she found out that he had missed his train. Aziz realizes that Miss Derek was driving the car that he just saw, and that Adela probably ran down to join Miss Derek.
  • Miss Derek's chauffeur pops up to say that Miss Derek has driven herself and Adela back to Chandrapore.
  • Fielding senses that something is amiss, since Miss Derek had just been telling him how much she enjoyed hanging out with Indians.
  • Fielding goes up to see a cave and isn't too impressed.
  • The entire party starts to head back, elephant and all. Fielding asks Aziz some questions about what happened to Adela.
  • Not knowing himself, but not wanting to kill the festive mood, Aziz insists that Adela went off to hang out with her friend Miss Derek. He claims that the guide helped her down the hill, although he never saw exactly how Adela got down the hill.
  • They get back on the train to Chandrapore. When they arrive at Chandrapore, Mr. Haq, the police inspector, places Aziz under arrest.
  • Aziz sobs, and tries to escape. Fielding pulls him back into the train, and walks with him out of the train. Ronny escorts his mother. Mr. Turton calls Fielding away, and Aziz continues on to prison alone with Mr. Haq.

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