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A Passage to India Part 2, Chapter 19

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Part 2, Chapter 19

  • Outside the police station, Fielding encounters Hamidullah. Hamidullah believes that the whole Indian community should be galvanized in support of Aziz, including powerful men like the Nawab Bahadur. He also wants to bring in a famous Calcutta lawyer, Amritrao, who is anti-British.
  • Fielding believes that Hamidullah's plans will only inflame racial hatred between the British and the Indians. But he tells Hamidullah that he is on their side.
  • When Fielding arrives at the college, he sees Godbole, whose attitude perplexes him. Even though Godbole is aware of what has happened to Aziz, Godbole mainly wants to ask Fielding about choosing a name for a high school he plans on setting up when he takes up his new job at Mau.
  • Fielding asks Godbole if he believes Aziz is guilty. Godbole doesn't answer the question directly, but asserts that when evil happens, everyone is responsible.
  • Godbole asks Fielding whether he saw the Tank of the Dagger when he went to the caves. Fielding replies that he has.
  • Godbole then goes into a story about how the Tank of the Dagger was built to commemorate a miracle concerning a thirsty cow. Thus ends their conversation.
  • Fielding gets a permit to see Aziz, who is too miserable to speak coherently.
  • Aziz accuses Fielding of deserting him at the police station.
  • Fielding then decides to write a letter to Adela.

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