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A Passage to India Part 2, Chapter 25

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Part 2, Chapter 25

  • Somehow Adela gets whisked away by the crowd away from the Anglo-Indians out the courtroom exit.
  • She meets Fielding, who takes her away from the tumult in his carriage. Since Fielding can't find his servant anywhere, his students volunteer to take them and the carriage back to the college.
  • In the meanwhile, Aziz and his buddies are carried away by the crowds. They hear a rumor that Nureddin, the Nawab Bahadur's grandson, was tortured at the hospital. The Nawab protests that this is not the case, but they all go off to the hospital anyway with the idea of destroying it.
  • Dr. Lal pops out of the hospital and dances around inappropriately. He was going to testify for Adela against Aziz's character, so he begs Aziz to forgive him. Lal's antics pacify the crowd, and he shows them to Nureddin.
  • When Nureddin appears, everyone's relieved. The Nawab declares that he now rejects the title conferred upon him by the British, and will now just be Mr. Zulfiqar.
  • Aziz and his friends follow Zulfiqar to his country seat to celebrate their victory.

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