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A Passage to India Part 2, Chapter 26

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Part 2, Chapter 26

  • At the college, Fielding and Adela talk over what happened. While Fielding is at first unwilling to talk to Adela, he gradually warms to her because of her honesty.
  • When Adela tells him that she was feeling unwell before the incident, Fielding tells her his hypothesis that she may have hallucinated the whole thing.
  • When McBryde finally asked her a straight question at the trial as to what happened, Adela, according to Fielding, was "exorcised" of her hallucination because she was forced to give a straight answer.
  • Fielding also wonders whether somebody else attacked Adela – the guide or one of the villagers.
  • At this point, Hamidullah breaks in on them to cart Fielding off to the celebration at Zulfiqar's estate. Hamidullah is annoyed that Adela is there.
  • Ronny calls at the college looking for Adela. Ronny's gotten a cable informing him that his mother has died. Adela is devastated, and asks Fielding whether she can stay at the college because she's been kicked out of the Turtons' and she feels that she and Ronny have to be apart. Fielding agrees, and leaves her behind at the college as he leaves with Hamidullah.
  • On the way to Zulfiqar's estate, Amritrao joins them.
  • Fielding asks him how much they'll be suing Adela for compensation, and Amritrao quotes an enormous sum. Fielding is dismayed at the thought that Adela's whole life could be ruined over her mistake.

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