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A Passage to India Part 2, Chapter 29

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Part 2, Chapter 29

  • After the kafuffle around Aziz's trial, the Lieutenant-General visits Chandrapore. He considers himself more enlightened than the rest of the civil administrators, and takes a liking to Fielding. The Lieutenant-General comments that the local administrators have made a mess of things, and he will ask them to re-instate Fielding to the local club.
  • Adela continues staying on at the college, and Fielding stays at Hamidullah's. Fielding attempts to help Adela to write a letter of apology to Aziz, but they both realize that the letter is unsuccessful because Adela has no affection for Aziz or for Indians in general. Or for anyone at all, Adela concludes, even Ronny.
  • Aziz abruptly decides to drop his suit because he decides that that's what Mrs. Moore would have wanted.
  • The suit dismissed, Ronny finally breaks off his engagement with Adela.
  • Adela is devastated, but not surprised. She leaves Chandrapore, and on the ship ride back, decides that she has to look up Mrs. Moore's other children, Ralph and Stella.

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