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A Passage to India Part 2, Chapter 30

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Part 2, Chapter 30

  • After the trial, things are pretty good between the Hindus and the Muslims, joined as they are by the mutual hatred of the British.
  • Das, the guy who presided over the trial, asks Aziz to write a poem for his brother's journal.
  • Aziz finds himself unable to write a poem. He wants to celebrate India, but he can't. He decides the only cure for his writer's block is to get out of British India and decides that he's going to find a job at one of Hindu princely states.
  • Hamidullah doesn't want Aziz to go. He chides Aziz for dropping his lawsuit against Adela, and asks Aziz if he's heard the rumor going around about Fielding and Adela having an affair. Aziz is irritated by the rumor, but half-believes it.

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