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A Passage to India Part 3, Chapter 34

By E.M. Forster

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Part 3, Chapter 34

  • Aziz comes across Godbole as he wanders around after the festivities. Godbole mutters something about how "he" has arrived at the European Guest House. Aziz doesn't press Godbole because Godbole clearly wants to be left alone. Aziz likes Godbole – Godbole got him the post at Mau.
  • Aziz also doesn't really want to know if "he" is here or not. "He" is Fielding, who has been assigned to visit all of the different Indian states to see what's being done about English education.
  • After Fielding left Chandrapore, Aziz's suspicions were only confirmed when he received a letter from Fielding announcing his marriage. Aziz didn't read any further along the letter, and, annoyed, he destroys all further letters from Fielding. But Fielding is supposed to be in Mau soon, and Aziz probably won't be able to avoid some encounter with him.
  • At his home, Aziz discovers a note from Godbole. It's actually a note from Fielding, with a little note from Godbole saying that he can't do anything about the note because of the festival. The note is filled with all kinds of little requests – for food, mosquito nets. They also want to see the festival.
  • Aziz is sick of showing Europeans around India and tears the note up. He knows that it's probably impossible to avoid them, however, because of the floods created by the pouring rain.

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