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Passion Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

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Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

Dreams, hopes, and plans seem to swirl in and out and amid everything that happens in "Passion." Grace dreams about romance and has plans to someday do something that doesn't involve caning chairs. Mrs. Travers once dreamed of doing something that didn't involve business school, but she went to business school. Maury also dreams of romance, but his love for Grace is unrequited. And Neil drinks to distract himself from the possibility that there's no point to dreams, hopes, and plans. It's all very messy, but Munro tackles it head on in all its ambiguous and sometimes-disappointing glory. 

Questions About Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

  1. How do Grace's expectations lead to disappointment?
  2. Do you think Mrs. Travers has lived any of her dreams, hopes, or plans?                   
  3. What do you think Mavis dreams and hopes for? How does she mirror Neil, and what do those similarities suggest about her plans (or lack thereof?)                      

Chew on This

Dreaming, hoping, or planning is what gives us motivation to do stuff. We couldn't live without doing it.

Dreaming, hoping, or planning sets us up for disappointment.

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